5 Little-Known Facts About Elk

5 Little-Known Facts About Elk

The North American elk is an iconic feature of the Montana plains and a favorite game animal of the hunters who frequent this land. Thanks to a concerted conservation effort over the course of the past few decades, dwindling elk populations have rallied in recent years and today North America is once again home to… Read more »

5 Bow Hunting Tips to Try at the Range

Practice at the Range

Bow hunting is a discipline that can take a lifetime to master. We’ve spent countless seasons in the field with a compound bow, and every year we still find new ways to hone our technique by breaking bad habits and forming better ones. Bow season might be a long ways off, but it’s never too… Read more »

Shooting Range

We have a range set up with targets every 100 yards out to 1000 yards plus one at 750 yards for the burris eliminator III scope.