Rifle Elk Hunting

We hunt the Bridger and Crazy Mountain ranges northwest of Bozeman, hunting districts 312, 315 and 393. These private ranches and USFS leases contain over 28,000 acres and takes in 2 major drainages. The ridges and slopes are covered with scattered timber and numerous basins. Elevations vary from 5,200 ft. to 7,200 ft.

The Bridger Mountains of south-central Montana offer hunters one of the highest success rates in Montana for elk. Private land and limited access allow us to manage elk numbers and limit bull harvest.

All hunts are seven full days of actual hunting. We run one guide for two hunters with 8 hunters per hunt maximum. You will enjoy the vast amounts of hunting country the ranch offers throughout the week.

These elk do not migrate, spending late fall and early winter in high, secluded parks and ridges, where hunting pressure is minimal. This ranch offers 37 sections of this type of country, giving the option of letting some hunting country rest from week to week, and being a major key to our success on good bulls.

Most of our hunting is done by glassing, spotting elk at first light, then stalking to within shooting distance.  In the evenings we set up where elk or elk tracks were seen and wait for them to feed to us or feed to where a stalk is possible. You always have the option of passing up bulls due to size or difficult shot placement.

The terrain is fairly mild with high, rolling hills. It is important for you to be in good shape, as we hunt the best of the hard-to-find bulls the ranch offers. The elk hunting guides that help us are seasoned hunters, and realize the importance of slow, quiet hunts. Although we cannot guarantee everyone an elk, our goal is for you to see game daily and have an enjoyable, successful hunt.

4×4 vehicles are used for getting to different hunting areas of the lease. This amounts to 15 to 45 minutes of traveling before daylight to get into good hunting. Lunches are packed with us daily. Horses are available if the hunting requires their use.

We drive to base camp; cabins are used for living quarters.  They are furnished with beds, mattresses, wood heating stoves, electric lights, table, chairs. The ranch house is where meals are served.  A barn is used for hanging meat.

All food, an excellent full-time cook, guides, stock, tack, and lodging are furnished. You will need to furnish your motel rooms before and after your hunt, rifle, sleeping bag, personal gear, meat processing, and taxidermy costs. There are meat processors and taxidermists locally that will take care of your processing, shipping, and taxidermy needs. We will prepare all hides, heads, and capes for your taxidermist if you prefer.

Rifles of 270 or larger are recommended, the most important thing is to be able to shoot it accurately. Your rifle needs to be sighted in for 200 yards. Use the heaviest bullet weight that works well at 200 plus yards, we don’t want them running out of steam at 200 yards, shots will be mostly in open country. Rifle hunters will be required to shoot a target with a guide before they hunt.

Dates and openings of 2024 rifle hunts we offer.

Current as of: 12/15/23

  • Oct. 25 – Nov. 1 — no openings
  • Nov. 3 – Nov. 10 — no openings
  • Nov. 12 – 19 — no openings
  • Nov. 21 – 28 — 4 openings

7 DAY RIFLE HUNTS $9500.00

Your Montana Big Game or Elk Combination license is included in the price of your full-service hunt. The deer license is sometimes included so you will be able to take that 150 plus B&C inch mule deer if we happen to see him while elk hunting. Rifle hunters booking a hunt in either of the first 2 hunts will have the option of also hunting antelope for an additional $1000.00 plus the price of the license, $230.00 which must be submitted by June 1, 2023. You will arrive the first day of your hunt and hunt that evening, on the last day you will hunt in the morning and depart that afternoon. You will lose a half day of hunting on the first hunt as you will not be able to hunt till the next morning.

These hunts are sold first deposit has first choice of openings. A 25% deposit is required to book a hunt with another 25% due along with the submittal of your license application, balance due at time of hunt. Deposits will be refunded if you are unable to obtain your license otherwise deposits are non-refundable.

**Future pricing is subject to change without notice**

Rifle Elk Hunting in Montana
Montana Elk Rifle Hunting