Make Improving Your Bowhunting Your New Year’s Resolution

Practicing Your Bowhunting

Many people have trouble coming up with a resolution for the new year. If you’re a hunter and you can’t decide on how to better yourself in 2017, why not take the time to improve your bowhunting? Here are some tips on how to do just that.

Practicing Your BowhuntingPlan It

Most people just agree on a resolution in their minds, only to discover that a month or so in, they haven’t stuck to their plan. By writing out a plan with individual goals, you can keep yourself on track and slowly work towards where you want to be instead of going all in at once. Drafting and sticking to a plan will help you remember and commit to achieving your resolution goals.

Update Your Gear

If you’re going to become a better bowhunter, you may also need to invest in some better gear. Take some leftover Christmas money and invest in some new equipment for yourself. Whether it’s a new bow or some new clothes to wear on the hunt that offer more mobility, little updates can help improve your attitude and drive you to work towards your goal, says Petersen’s Bowhunting.

Get Fit

Take the time to get yourself in better shape this year. By doing so, you will help increase your overall stamina out on the hunt and allow you to stay out longer without getting tired. One way you can coach yourself is to set up your targets far from your backyard, meaning you have to walk out to your range for practice and back. These extra steps will help you stay in shape while also offering a chance to improve your field stalking.

Improve Your Skills

While practice does make perfect, self-reflection is important as well. Go through your process and do some research to see what you can do to improve your overall hunting skills. Consider recording yourself shooting and analyzing the shot to look for areas of opportunity like an improper release or an unstable hand placement that may affect your grip.

Hunt More

As mentioned before, practice makes perfect, so after you’ve taken some time to sharpen your skills, put them to use by getting out and hunting. Elk Ridge Outfitters currently has spots available in our seven-day archery hunts in September and October 2017. So when you’re ready to put your new skills to work, come join us in Montana for a hunt unlike any other.

For more information on our hunts or to book your guided hunting experience, call Elk Ridge Outfitters today at 406-578-2379 or 406-220-2379!

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