The Top 3 Tips for Gopher Hunting


Montana is mostly known for black bear and antelope hunting, but did you know you could hunt gophers as well? Gopher hunting can be a challenging yet exhilarating experience. However, not many people know the best ways to hunt gophers. Here, we discuss the top three tips you should know before you head out for your first gopher hunt.

Spotting a gopher

Gophers are small and live in the ground. As such, they can be much more difficult to spot than other animals. But it’s not impossible. Keep your eyes to the ground; gophers will frequently poke their heads out from under the ground. When they’re fully above ground, you can spot their shadows in the grass or see them stretching up to observe the area. Keep an eye out for dirt mounds, as these are often where gophers make their homes.

Gophers vs. prairie dogs

A big mistake many beginners make is mistaking gopher with prairie dogs. And indeed, the two animals are similar. However, gophers are much smaller than prairie dogs, and they also have no distinct neck. Additionally, gophers have pouches in their cheeks where they store food. Perhaps the biggest distinguisher, though, are their tails: gophers have hairless tails, while prairie dogs have bushy tails.

Use quick, follow-up shots

Sometimes, gophers won’t move after your first shot. This can lead many hunters to believe they’ve gotten the gopher when, in reality, they didn’t. Always follow up with another quick shot to ensure that you got the gopher and they’re not simply stunned.

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