Essential Scent Management Tips for Elk Hunters

Essential Scent Management Tips for Elk Hunters

Montana ElkWant to bag an elk? If so, our number-one tip is to avoid letting them smell you. This is easier said than done, of course. Elk have a strong sense of smell, and if they catch a whiff of your scent they’ll hightail it away in no time. Here are a few helpful scent management tips for elk hunters:

Brush Your Teeth

You may be wondering what dental hygiene has to do with elk hunting, but bad breath has scared away many an elk. Brush your teeth before your hunt with a scent-free toothpaste or baking soda, avoid eating strong-smelling foods and refrain from smoking or drinking alcohol.

Watch the Wind

Being mindful of the wind’s direction is key to scent management when pursuing any game. One easy way to track the wind is to fill a small squeeze bottle with corn starch. Give it a squeeze, and you’ll have an idea of where your scent is traveling. A general rule of thumb is that as the sun rises and the temperature warms, wind will move uphill, whereas in the evening it tends to cool and move downhill.

Choose the Right Clothing

“Cotton kills,” as many hunters and backpackers say, because it offers very poor insulation and moisture management. Synthetic fibers, meanwhile, perform better than cotton in terms of insulation but they also tend to trap odors. We typically recommend wearing merino wool because it offers effective insulation and scent control for hunters.

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