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Make Improving Your Bowhunting Your New Year’s Resolution

Practicing Your Bowhunting

Many people have trouble coming up with a resolution for the new year. If you’re a hunter and you can’t decide on how to better yourself in 2017, why not take the time to improve your bowhunting? Here are some tips on how to do just that. Plan It Most people just agree on a… Read more »

Switch Up Your Targets to Improve Accuracy

As a hunter, it can be very frustrating having a target in your sights and miss entirely once you pull the trigger or release your arrow. What went wrong? You’ve been practicing regularly, and when you are, you’re hitting the target almost dead on every time. The answer to your dilemma might be in switching… Read more »

Take Aim at an Archery Hunt

Once one hunt is over, many hunters can’t help but be excited for the next one. At Elk Ridge Outfitters in Montana, we’re right there with you, and we have a ton of upcoming archery hunts for big game that are sure to please any hunter. Starting in September and heading until about mid-October, we… Read more »

5 Bow Hunting Tips to Try at the Range

Practice at the Range

Bow hunting is a discipline that can take a lifetime to master. We’ve spent countless seasons in the field with a compound bow, and every year we still find new ways to hone our technique by breaking bad habits and forming better ones. Bow season might be a long ways off, but it’s never too… Read more »