New App Could Revolutionize Game Licenses

Hunting AppIf you’re an avid hunter, whether you travel from state to state frequently or live along a state border and frequently travel in pursuit of game in multiple places, you know that it can be a pain to keep all of your permits or licenses in order. Fortunately, a new app is offering a new way to handle all of those licenses that is perfect for the most avid hunters.

The app is called Pursuit and is essentially a virtual wallet for all of your different gaming licenses. What it does is lists all of the licenses that are currently in your name so if you wanted to go deer hunting, all you would have to do is check the Pursuit app and make sure your documents are up to date. If not, the app records your license numbers and ID information so that you can easily renew your permits.

In addition to listing all of your licenses, there are numerous other benefits to Pursuit. The app will automatically send you a reminder when your licenses are going to expire so you can go and purchase another if you so choose. This will be very helpful for avid hunters who are always out on the hunt for their next trophy and sometimes forget to keep track of renewal and registration dates.

The app also offers convenient access links to the digital portals for each state, allowing hunters to go online to purchase or renew the license they need. Instead of having to make an extra trip to the store, a hunter could simply go on to the app, go into the portal, and make their permit purchase easily for states that allow online registration.

Pursuit also offers location-based note taking to help hunters and anglers keep track of their field experiences. Did you spot three deer in the stand at the northwest of your hunting property? Mark that in the app. Did you catch a huge pike near the middle of a large lake and want to remember the exact spot? Flag your location and add notes right in the app to refer back to.

For right now, the app doesn’t replace carrying a license, but Pursuit’s creators hope to change that, reports Field & Stream. Their plan is to one day have the app contain portals to all 50 states hunting licenses and allow them to just be in one place with the app, making purchasing and maintaining licenses easier for every hunter across the country.

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