Deer Hunting vs. Elk Hunting

male deer standing in field of lavenders

Deer and elk may appear similar, but they should not be treated similarly. During a hunt, you will have to deploy different techniques and tactics to hunt a deer than you would to hunt an elk. Below, we discuss the main differences between deer hunting and elk hunting so you don’t fall into this trap.

You need to be quiet with deer, but not with elk

When hunting deer, you need to be as quiet as a mouse. Deer can pick up on the subtlest sounds, and they will dash if anything appears amiss. Elk, however, don’t mind loud noises. As a result, if you break some twigs or walk through some grass, they won’t mind.

You need to stand still with deer, but not with elk

Just as deer are more sensitive to sound, they are also more sensitive to movement. You can move even when you’re in sight of an elk, but the same is not true for deer. Why is this the case? Elk have worse eyesight than deer, so they won’t realize you are near.

Elk are on the move, while deer stay in one area

Deer tend to say close to home. They won’t wander around too much. Elk, meanwhile, love to move and may cover over 100 square miles. As such, you’ll likely be trekking quite a bit when hunting for elk.

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