Top 3 Tips to Improve Your Rifle Hunting Accuracy

hunter with rifle on a plain

Many who venture out to the wilderness to hunt claim a rifle as their weapon of choice. But a rifle is not a tool that is mastered easily. Even experienced rifle hunters must continue to improve their accuracy and skill. Here are some tips to make you a more accurate rifle hunter.

Don’t Just Practice in Ideal Conditions

When you’re out on a hunt, do you expect to be able to set up in the most comfortable and ideal manner? If not, then why only practice shooting from those conditions? Consider practicing firing with your rifle set up on your pack, an extra clothing layer, or anything you think you might have with you while hunting. This will give you experience shooting from a less-than-ideal angle.

Try Shooting with an Elevated Heart Rate

You will likely fire your most accurate shot while calm and not under any pressure. But that is not always the condition you will find yourself in during a hunt. There’s always a chance you’ll be fatigued after a lot of hiking or maybe you’ll have just had to run to quickly get into position. Regardless, you’ll want to have some experience shooting with your heart racing and blood pumping. Try doing pushups or burpees in-between shots while practicing to simulate that experience.

Practice Longer Shots

The animal you’re hunting is likely very perceptive – it’ll know it’s in danger when it sees you and will flee. The further you are away, the less likely you are to scare it away. Thus, it helps to be able to shoot accurately from a distance. As with any skill, practice makes perfect. Try shooting at a target 50 yards further away than your normal range. Eventually, your long-range accuracy will improve.

Now that you’re on your way to improving your accuracy, it’s time to start planning your next rifle hunt. Elk Ridge Outfitters is the ideal place for rifle hunting in Montana. Call (406) 220-2379 to learn more.

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