Switch Up Your Targets to Improve Accuracy in Bowhunting

Switch Up Your Targets to Improve Accuracy

As a hunter, it can be very frustrating having a target in your sights and miss entirely once you pull the trigger or release your arrow. What went wrong? You’ve been practicing regularly, and when you are, you’re hitting the target almost dead on every time.

The answer you’re looking for might be in switching up your targets when practicing. Read on to learn more:

Shooting at a target is different than shooting in real life

When shooting at a target, it’s just you, your bow or gun and the target. You’re focusing on one thing with a dark section marked on it for you to shoot at – a simple, flat, stationary target. That isn’t the case once you head out on a hunt, though. There are added distractions that without can take away from your shot and cause your accuracy to falter without you even realizing it.

That’s why changing up your targets while practicing can be so beneficial. It will not only keep you prepared for anything that might come, but it will help you improve your accuracy while out on the hunt.

Keep changing–don’t stick to the same old thing

Think about it for a second: If you shoot at a simple white target with a dark area to aim for and then you quickly change to something else, say a 3D target, are you going to hit it as easily? Chances are you won’t because the two different things each require a different approach and a different mindset, making you adjust your aim on the fly – just as you might have to do while on the hunt.

Start practicing this way and see if there are changes in your accuracy, keeping in mind visual variables affect every hunter differently. If you aren’t seeing results right away, don’t give up on it – as with anything, practice makes perfect (or close), so just keep practicing with different targets until you get it right.

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